Mailing Labels - Owners - Tax Payers – Texas

We make it easy to create mailing labels of Recent Sales and/or Taxpayers.

Create mailing list for Residential and Commercial properties by simply highlighting an area; creating a mailing list; and, printing the list to pressure sensitive mailing labels.

This product is used by Real Estate Agents farming an area and/or other local businesses and community organizations who want to mail to persons in a specific geographic area. This service is also used by surveyors and engineers for “rights of entry” and “notices of platting” or land use changes.

There are two categories of Mailing Labels (1) Taxpayers List and (2) Recent Sales generated when using the GIS Mailing Label Tool.


  • Free to Search
  • $0.10 per Label

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  • Consumers
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Surveyors/Engineers
  • Right-of-Way Agents
  • Permit Agents
  • Developer & Planners
  • Local Businesses
  • Political Campaigns
  • Pipeline Companies


  • Contact Current Owners
  • Contact “New” Owners
  • Contact Residential Taxpayers
  • Contact Commercial Owners


  • Select area with GIS Mapping
  • Includes Owner and Tax information
  • Labels generated and delivered immediately
  • Low cost ownership verification
  • Nationwide access

Mailing Label include:

  • Name
  • Address
  • City
  • State
  • Zip Code

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Mailing Labels is matching Deeds, Mortgages and Tax I. D. Numbers as new document are filed in the major counties in Texas.

We have also created a mapping program that allows you to highlight an area on a map then choose “Mailing Labels” and immediate create mailing labels for the selected area.