Oil and Gas Title - Texas

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We provide fast, in-depth Limited and Full Abstracts of Title from our geographically indexed title plants.

CourthouseDirect.com offers Full & Limited Abstracts of Title for Residential, Commercial and Oil & Gas properties.

Abstract of Title - condensed history of land title to a particular parcel of real estate consisting of a summary of the original land grant and all subsequent conveyances and encumbrances affecting the property.

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Landman Starter

A listing of documents geographically indexed to the property (e.g. Abstract Number, Section, Acreage, etc.) Designed for the working field landman as an alternative to the card plant, providing the majority of documents in subject chain of title.
Ideal for: Quick start for field title research.

Limited Abstract of Title

A runsheet of all documents affecting title to the property limited to a specified date range or search criteria.
Ideal for: Ownership report, update of a title opinion, or transactional due diligence.

Full Abstract of Title

A runsheet of all documents affecting mineral and surface title to the property from sovereignty to present.
Ideal for: Examination of title for drill site title opinion.

Lease Activity Report

A client specific listing of leasing activity in a given area, or for an entire county, within a given timeframe.
Ideal for: Identifying open acreage and determining nature and level of lease activity.

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  • Field/In-house Landmen
  • Brokers
  • Attorneys
  • Land Service Companies
  • Geologists
  • ROW Agents
  • Surface/Mineral/Royalty Buyers


  • More Time Examining Title
  • Less Time Waiting for Indexes and Copies
  • Ideal for running title remotely
  • Built by Landmen, for Landmen


  • Runsheets with Hyperlinks via Excel
  • Compiled by Land Title Abstracters
  • Fast Delivery via Email
  • Knowledgeable staff

Records Searched

  • Deeds
  • Mortgage
  • Liens
  • Easements
  • Restrictions
  • Plats/Maps
  • Patents
  • Leases
  • Releases
  • Unit Declarations
  • Ratification
  • Mineral/Royalty Deeds

Abstracts Of Title

CourthouseDirect.com builds and maintains title sovereignty title plants in counties all over Texas.

We have the ability to provide a Limited or Full Abstract very quickly with our title plants.

We run a legal descriptions search again the Survey, Block, Section and/or Abstract. We make a cursory search of the Parties Names and we deliver this report in an Excel spreadsheet.

From here, there landman can run the names using our Grantor Grantee and compare those results to what was found in a geographic and “cursory” name search. A Limited Abstract can save a Landman days and weeks searching the ole’ fashion way.

A landman uses a Limited Abstract Report to START their search. The best Oil & Gas STARTER in Texas!