Real Estate Agents

As a Real Estate Agent you want to know as much as you can about the parties to a real estate transaction whether they are a Buyer or Seller. In addition, it helps to know as much as you can about the property being sold. provides Real Estate Agents with the information they need to determine if the Seller/Buyer has any adverse liens (a/k/a Involuntary Liens) filed against them that could delay a closing.

Sometimes Real Estate Agents would like to look at the prior deed to a property to review Property Tax Information. makes it easy and convenient to find that information.

In Texas, it’s easy to perform a fast, free Involuntary Lien search to determine if there are any IRS Liens, State Tax Liens, Abstracts of Judgment, Hospital Liens or Mechanic’s Liens against a property or individual Buyers or Sellers.

Texas Products & Services GIS Mailing Label

The Ultimate Farming Tool – has developed a great tool for Agents to farm an area with direct mail by using our GIS Mailing Label tool. It’s easy to create a mailing list for a certain geographic area by simply highlighting an area; creating a mailing list derived from County Tax Records; and sending the list to pressure sensitive mailing labels.

Property Sales Labels

As part of our GIS product we provide access to list of recent commercial and residential property sales. A list of new property owners can be easily built and creating a mailing list of those new owners is easy.

Commercial Property Sales Reports

Property Managers and Leasing Agents would like to be the first to contact new building owners so they can perhaps get their foot in the door to provide their services. provides a Commercial Property Sales Report with details of the Buyer’s name, address, telephone numbers, and website address and even email address.

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