Oil & Gas Landmen

Find mineral owners faster and sign the lease first!

Having comprehensive access to Grantor Grantee Indexes, Title Plants and Document Images allows Landmen the ability to build chains of title from the convenience of their office or home so they can deliver an Oil & Gas Lease to their mineral interest owners faster.

CourthouseDirect.com has been providing comprehensive property information to Oil & Gas Landmen for over 30 years and has been working diligently to expand its databases in active Texas Counties.

As former Oil & Gas Landmen, the staff at CourthouseDirect.com understands what Landmen need to do their jobs effectively. We understand having only the last 30 or 40 years of title information is not good enough. Therefore, in many counties our records go back to the sovereignty of the soil or the first Patent from the State.

Landmen do not always find mineral owners where the property is located. Landmen use CourthouseDirect.com’s free Asset Search tool to search nationwide for possible mineral owners. If a persons or company own real estate in any of the 1,600 counties CourthouseDirect.com has online then it’s likely their names will appear in a free asset search so you can find them.

CourthouseDirect.com is primarily focused on building databases in the Barnett, Eagle Ford and other shale plays in Texas and we also provide document images in over1,800 Counties nationwide.

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