Come help us kick off the Westward Home Services and Things Auction at the Chilli-Cookoff.
The Auction is a fun event that benefits both the congregation and you!

Donations accepted: begining Feb 18th
Bidding: Feb 25th - Mar 4th (during coffee hour)

Thoreau Campus

Here is how it works… Think of something you enjoy or have expertise with, and offer to share it.
The Services and things you offer will be auctioned on-line. The on-line auction site will be available during coffee hour for several weeks during the auction time.
The money collected will go to the congregation.
(Click "Donation Ideas" for Suggestions. You are limited only by your imagination. Have fun with it.)

You can also “make a wish” and indicate an amount you are willing to pay. Someone may sign up to make your wish come true.

Please help by donating as soon as possible so others can see your offer.

We hope everyone will help in this important (and fun!) fundraiser.

Note: There will be no "live" auction.
Instead all bidding will be done during coffee hour starting with the Chilli Cookoff, or on this web site.
Winners will be notified at the end of coffee hour on Mar. 4th, or via email, etc.