The Auction is a fun event that benefits the congregation and you.

When: Sunday, Nov 6 11:00 am - Sunday, Nov 13 1:00 pm
Where: RE Wing - Fellowship Hall

Donations Due: Friday, Nov 4 12:00 pm

Here is how the Service Auction works:

  1. You offer a group dinner, outing, party or activity and indicate how many people you can host for this event and set a price each person should pay to attend.
    People sign up for your offering and the first to sign up win (up to max you specified).
  2. You offer a service or activity that can only be sold to one or two people.
    People bid on your service or activity and the highest bid wins.
  3. The money collected goes to Thoreau.

This year we will bid on items during Coffee Hour on two Sundays.

Please be aware that WE WILL NOT BE AUCTIONING ANY PHYSICAL ITEMS this year! Only services and activities such as parties, dinners, concerts, tours, and outings.

Still Confused? Click "Donation Ideas" for some examples.