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Subdivision Plats

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County Thru Dates/Types Price
Bell County 1898 thru current $450.00
Bexar County 1891 thru Current $550.00
Brazoria County Volume 1 thru Volume 23 $275.00
Chambers County Volume 1 to Current $575.00
Collin County Volume A to Current (w/Abstracts) $475.00
Dallas County 1903 thru current $1,750.00
Dallas County Tax Maps Abstracts & S/D Maps $225.00
Dallas Map Index thru 1993 $150.00
Denton County Plats 1964 thru current $625.00
Ft. Bend County Slides 1A thru current $550.00
Galveston County 1900 thru current $875.00
Goliad County Volume 1 thru current $250.00
Grayson County Volume 1 thru current $375.00
Hardin County 1st Map thru current $1,200.00
Harris County Volume 1 thru current $1,975.00
Hood County Volume A thru C Page 50 $375.00
Jefferson County Volume 1 thru 2006003569 $1,200.00
Johnson County 1878 thru current $950.00
Liberty County Volume 1 thru current $650.00
Montgomery County Cabinet A thru Current $800.00
Navarro County 1881 thru current $950.00
Nueces County 1st Map thru current $1,500.00
Orange County 1st Map thru current $1,200.00
Parker County thru 7-1-2006 $375.00
Rockwall County Volume A thru Volume F Pg. 358 $450.00
San Patricio 1st Map thru current $1,200.00
Tarrant County 1889 thru current $650.00
Travis County 1st Map thru 200700291 $1,250.00
Van Zant County 1st Map thru current $375.00
Victoria County 1st Map thru current $450.00
Williamson County 1901 to 9/5/2006 $450.00
Wise County Volume 1 thru current $450.00
Statewide County Survey Maps from the GLO $225.00
What your fellow surveyors are saying:

Since I received the Travis County Plats on disk from Courthouse Direct, I’ve noticed an extreme amount of money saved. I used to spend an average of $1500 a month obtaining copies of the plats, which I don’t have to spend anymore. The money I used to spend in gas and man hours to have to go and pick up the plats has been eliminated. Whenever I am working on a subdivision or need a copy of the plat for the subdivision next to the property I’m working on, with the click of a mouse I have it on my screen. There is no more time spent searching through file cabinets or having to order it and have someone pick it up. I’m very impressed with the quality of the plats on the disk. Some of the plats are better than if I were to go to the Court House and have a copy made.

I am so impressed with this product that I would love for anyone to call me and talk to me about the way this has changed my business.

Edward Rumsey
RPLS #5729
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